This is the first glimpse of an innovative new £2.4m roundabout which will be the first in London to completely separate cyclists and vehicles.

Work is starting this week on a redesign of the Queens Circus Roundabout, next to Battersea Park, which will separate cyclists from other traffic.

Wandsworth Guardian:

The notorious roundabout has been the scene of numerous traffic collisions involving cyclists.

The new scheme has been developed by Wandsworth Council, Transport for London (TFL) and the Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC).

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Transport spokesman, Councillor Jonathan Cook, said: “This is an innovative design and we expect it will be the first major roundabout in London which separates cyclists from other traffic in this way.

“There will be segregated cycle lanes and the points at which riders cross the road will be controlled by traffic lights to avoid any potential conflict. We hope this will be a blueprint others can follow.

“We’re able to provide extra space for the cycle lanes by reducing the size of the roundabout’s central island. This means the space for other traffic is maintained and overall traffic can be better managed through this busy junction.”

The changes are part of a transformation in Nine Elms and in anticipation of a huge increase in population.

The project is set to finish in summer 2015.

The roads will remain open for the majority of the project but there will be temporary traffic lanes, pavement closures and changes to bus stops.

The roundabout will cost the council £2.4m but will also use funds provided by developers in the area.