A man who lied about his car being stolen has been found guilty of wasting police time. 

Shane McIndoe, 43, of Eccles Road, Clapham Junction, was found guilty at South Western Magistrates' Court, on August 13, of wasting police time and failing to stop after a road accident.

The court heard how McIndoe phoned the police on November 30, last year, to report his silver Audi A3 as stolen.

He said he parked his car outside his home and it had been stolen later that evening.

He also told police he left his car keys in a communal kitchen and at some point they had been stolen.

Wandsworth Police soon found out the car had been involved in a collision, in nearby Lavender Sweep. The driver had abandoned the car at the location.

Further enquiries revealed McIndoe had been driving the car at the time of the crash. 

Acting Inspector Gani Rajan said: "McIndoe sought to evade justice by giving various false accounts to police.

“A thorough investigation by officers quickly uncovered his deception. Such attempts to shift responsibility for any personal action can lead to committing further offences which can have significant consequences."

He will be sentenced on Thursday, August 28.