Creative mosaics designed by young students were unveiled around their school this week.

Tadworth Primary School ran a competition for all pupils to design emblems related to their class names which include Bumblebees and Ladybirds, Owls and Robins, and Lions and Tigers.

They were also asked to consider what was special about the school in their entries.

The seven winning designs, whose creators were congratulated in a whole school assembly, were reproduced by year two class teacher Becky Clifton and recreated in mosaic by year one class teacher Caroline Robertson, with the help of parent volunteers.

Eight of the children's drawings were also selected for an overall scene display which year six pupils helped to complete.

Art coordinator Beckly Clifton said: "This has been an exciting opportunity for our children to contribute towards a permanent art project and to create artwork which will be enjoyed by children for many years to come.

"The class emblems will be a source of inspiration and create a sense of belonging and identity."