Get to the front of the Kew and learn about Ancient Mayan culture and the creation of chocolate this Easter.

To celebrate the holidays Kew Gardens will be offering a self-guided, interactive family trail, an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids and a number of Mayan-themed activities at the Gardens between 30th March and 15th April.

The Easter Egg Hunt will include the Kew’s friendly characters from the indoor play area being dotted around the Gardens, waiting for the children to collect tokens and then receive a chocolate treat from the Easter Bunny.

Head of Marketing at Kew Gardens, Tina Houlton said: “Easter at Kew is all about fun, family, learning and chocolate. Our hands on sessions give youngsters the opportunity to explore the world of chocolate.”

The Mayan’s were some of the first chocolate-lovers, with cocoa being an integral part of their society and used in religious ceremonies.