Britain's biggest burger has been created at a burger joint in Purley.

The Beast, weighing in at a combined total of 15 lbs, including a pound of chips, is the brainchild of chefs at Burgers at Blacks who are confident their monstrosity, launched this week, will stop even the hungriest of customers in their tracks.

Vas Herodotou, who owns the Brighton Road restaurant, said: "I’ve done my research, scoured the internet.

"There is a place over in Norwich which held the title with 3kg of meat, but ours is a smidgeon over that.

"We spoke to some of our customers and we already have a huge list of people who want to give it a go.

"You know what us lads are like, we can’t resist a challenge, but I don’t think there is anyone out there who can finish it."

Such is the weight of the meat, Mr Herodotou had to especially commission Croydon Bakery, on Mitcham Road to make the 30cm diameter bap, experimenting with thicker flour to hold "The Beast".

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Mr Herodotou and his wife Mary, from Kingswood Avenue, Sanderstead, have run a series of restaurants before opening Burgers at Blacks at the start of the year.

He said: "I’ve run Italian, Greek, continental restaurants, but I wanted a new challenge.

"There are a few premium burger places out there but I’m confident we can bring something new and hopefully branch out in the future."

To take on The Beast, customers must order 24 hours in advance and have one hour to try and complete the 17,000 calorie monster and win a place in the restaurant’s hall of fame.

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