I love a good curry, so when the chance came up to visit Haweli in Belmont I grabbed it with both hands.

Haweli is a well-respected Indian restaurant which has been run by the Chowdhury family for the past 19 years.

Its reputation locally is second-to-none and, it’s easy to see why.

The contemporary décor is vibrant, warm and as welcoming as the greeting from the staff.

While my sister Mandy and I made that all-important decision about what to eat, poppadums (60p) were brought to our table with four different generous-sized sauces to sample – mango chutney, lime pickle, a cucumber and yoghurt dip as well as an onion, tomato and herb mix.

The waiters were extremely helpful and knowledgeable when quizzed on a variety of dishes before we made our choices from the extensive menu.

Mandy ordered a balti chicken bhoona (£7.95) which came in a tasty homemade spicey balti sauce and was complemented with a side dish of aloo gobi (£3.50) – tasty potatoes cooked with cauliflower.

I love to experiment with different foods but I couldn’t help but opt for one of the nation’s favourite dishes on this occasion, good old chicken tikka masala (£7.50) with pilau rice (£2.45) and a nan bread (£2.25).

I have only ever heard good things said about Haweli and, true to form, they served an exceptional meal.

My masala tasted as delicious as it looked with tender pieces of chicken covered in a rich, coconut, almond and cream sauce which was a vibrant orange colour.

Our meals were washed down with a large glass of rosé (£5.95) for Mandy and a bottle of crisp Cobra lager (£4.75) for me.

On this evidence it’s easy to see why people come back to Haweli time and time again.

Haweli 22 Station Road, Belmont, Surrey, SM2 6BS.

0208 8770 0149. haweliofbelmont. com