Three cars were involved in a pile-up last night after a van's brakes gave way.

Firefighters were called to the crash in West Hill, Wandsworth, just before 8.30pm.

It is believed the accident took place after the brakes of a Mercedes Transporter gave way at a set of traffic lights.

The van crashed into the Fiat Punto in front, which then collided into the back of a Honda Accord.

A woman inside the Honda Accord suffered from neck pain, while a man driving the Fiat Punto banged his head.

There was also a chihuahua inside the Honda, who narrowly escaped injury.

They were taken to hospital, with the scene cleared up at about 9pm.

A spokesperson for the fire brigade said: "One lady was suffering from severe neck pain, but after thorough assessment she was able to leave the vehicle with her own power and with a neck collar on."