A hot water pipe burst on the seventh floor of a block of flats causing flooding to the floors below.

Firefighters were called to stop water pouring through the ceilings of flats in Aurther Court, Charlotte Despard Avenue, Battersea, at 6.30pm last night.

Steam rising up to the ninth floor also damaged some of the flats.

People living inside were evacuated, while three fire crews helped stop water getting into electrical appliances.

Wandsworth council officers were on hand to limit water damage.

Fire crews left the scene at 9.30pm, with people being allowed back inside their flats

Watch manager, Simon Jenkins, said one woman's house was like a sauna inside because of the steam.

He said: "It was a hot water pipe which unfortunately affected the floors of the building, causing water damage to five floors.

"Crews instigated operations to try and divert water from people's possessions."