Firefighters, councillors and residents have launched a campaign to save a fire station earmarked for closure.

More than 1,400 people have signed an online petition against the Mayor of London's proposals to close Clapham Fire Station, in Old Town.

The future of the fire station is in doubt after it was shortlisted as one of 17 across the capital for closure.

In a document leaked to BBC London News it was revealed there are plans to cut 600 jobs, with proposals set to be put before a meeting of the London Fire Authority on later today.

Firefighters are also holding a union meeting at the station this evening.

A poster reading "Save Clapham Fire Station" is also being displayed by businesses in the area.

Clapham ward Councillors Christopher Wellbelove, Helen O'Malley and Nigel Haselden collected signatures for the petition earlier this month.

At a Lambeth full council meeting last night Coun Wellbelove said: "The residents of Clapham value our fire station and the work of our brave fire fighters, the fight to make sure that Clapham Fire Station has just begun.

"And believe me Mr Mayor of London you should be certain when you attempt to play with the lives of Clapham residents you are truly playing with fire."

The fire station covers an average of 654 incidents a year, not including false alarms.

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