Residents can now make themselves heard if they have helicopter noise concerns.

Wandsworth is currently one of the busiest areas for helicopter traffic, something which will increase further when the helipad at St George’s Hospital is finished next summer.

The police frequently patrol the skies overhead and Battersea is host to London’s only commercial heliport which accounts for about a third of all helicopter activity in London.

Some of these commercially run helicopters are not following procedures set out to ensure their disturbance to residents is kept to a minimum.

A group set up to monitor the activities of helicopters using the site in Lombard Road, called the London Heliport Consultative Group (LHCG), has been given the backing of the heliport’s owners.

The LHCG, made up of heliport users, residents and councillors, receives reports on helicopter movements and reviews complaints associated with the helipad.

Helicopters landing at Battersea should approach from either the north-east or south-east and normally follow the middle of the river for as long as possible before turning to descend.

Where, for safety reasons, helicopters fly on the north or south side of the river they should keep a minimum height of 1,000ft for all but the initial take-off or final descent.

Any resident with concerns can report it online at or by calling 020 7228 0181.