A four-month-old puppy narrowly avoided being killed by a Staffordshire bull terrier last week after "playing dead".

Stephanie Bowers contacted the Wandsworth Guardian last week to describe the attack on her beloved 'jug', a cross between a jack russell and a pug.

The Wandsworth resident was walking her dog Alfie in King George's Park, also in Wandsworth, on November 18 when a black Staffie, allegedly called Mister, grasped her little pup by the throat.

The tiny pooch immediately went limp leaving Ms Bowers fearing the worst.

She said: "I thought that he was dead and tried my hardest to get my puppy out of the other dog's mouth but using my hands and hitting him.

"When the other dog thought my puppy was dead he let go.

"My clever puppy had played dead but was still injured and had to go to the vets for treatment."

Despite her attempts to help her dog, the owner and dog just walked off. Unfortuately there are no laws regarding dog on dog attacks unless the owner or a member of the public was themselves in danger or hurt.

PC Danielle Mastbraker of Thamesfield SNT, explained: "Current legislation does not allow proceedings in cases where a dog attacks another dog.

"The legislation concerned is for dogs being dangerously out of control and would cover circumstances where a dog bit or injured a human or was aggressive towards a human putting them in fear, then this would constitute an offence for which police could take action."