Armed police tasered a market trader found with drugs and weapons following a random roadside stop.

Tore Gabalo, from Victoria, was driving his Mercedes in Friar Road, Battersea, in the early hours of June 17 when two police cars pulled him over.

The 38-year-old wrestled with the arresting officers and attempted to escape before he was tasered.

A search of his car found a small amount of cocaine, a set of scales and the two blades.

Appearing at Kingston Crown Court on Friday November 30 the jury heard Mr Gabalo initially suggested the knives were used for cutting sandwiches which was part of his job, but he later claimed they were protection against local youths.

In a statement from his police interview Mr Babalo said: "I have it (the knife) for protection. Young boys around there are dangerous."

It was also suggested that, despite the presence of scales used to weigh the drugs, Mr Gabalo was a "buyer not a seller", hence the charge of possession rather than intent to supply.

He was charged with possession of Class A drugs and possession of two bladed articles.

Mr Gabalo pleaded guilty to possession of the drugs but was found guilty, on Friday (November 30), of possession of the blades.

He is due to be sentenced at Kingston Crown Court on December 21.