A squatter repeatedly bottled a man she accused of trying to sexually assault her leaving him with more than 50 stitches in facial wounds, a court has heard.

Claire Templeton, 35, is accused of attacking Robin "Mushroom" Smith in a squat in Tileman House, Putney, on June 1 after she woke from a drunken stupor to find him hovering over her.

However, Mr Smith's version of events differed completely because he claimed he was trying to break up a fight between Miss Templeton and her boyfriend when the defendant smashed a bottle over his head.

The jury, who retired to consider their verdict this morning, must now decide whose version of events they believe.

After Mr Smith was attacked, at approximately 3.30am, the 35-year-old stumbled out of the building where revellers from Putney's Fez Club, on Upper Richmond Road, saw him bleeding profusely from his head, face and neck.

Paramedics arrived to treat the victim, who had only been released from a six-month prison term that day, but he threatened to shoot them with a "gun he had at home", the jury were told.

Laura Andrews, a paramedic, said: "He was very aggressive. He said he was going to 'kill the bitch that did this to him'. He was moving towards us so we called the police."

Mr Smith was eventually taken to St George's Hospital where he was treated for a 6cm deep wound to his neck which cut an artery, a 12-14cm gash to his temple, a 4cm scalp wound and further injuries to his ear, head and face.

In total he required 57 stitches and, giving evidence at Kingston Crown Court on Wednesday (December 5), he joked: "It took a long time to heal but then it's probably an improvement to my face."

The pair had met earlier that evening after Mr Smith, who admitted he had consumed more than 15 cans of cider and beer before midnight, had agreed to go for more drinks at the building, also on Upper Richmond Road.

The building, he said, had been used as a squat for the last few months.

Miss Templeton was arrested within a week after she was tracked down because of a large, distinctive tattoo on her cleavage, which Mr Smith had recognised.

Both defendant and victim have 47 criminal convictions between them in a crime spree spanning more than a decade.

Miss Templeton has been imprisoned seven times for offences ranging from shoplifting, assault, stealing a car and drug dealing.

Mr Smith has been jailed eight times for crimes including affray, harassment, assault, possession of an imitation firearm and drunk and disorderly behaviour.

However, the jury were told he had never been convicted of a sexual offence.