A woman was robbed following a brutal attack in broad daylight in Putney last month.

The victim was walking along Brewhouse Lane, off Putney Bridge Road, when she was approached by two men.

They tried to take her bag but when she resisted they launched a ferocious attack.

After one man punched her straight in the face, they both pushed her to the ground and continued hitting her in the head.

As the victim lay defenceless on the ground the two men then unbelievably started stamping on her head and face.

After finally forcing her to release her bag the two attackers ran off towards the river, which lies at the bottom of Brewhouse Lane.

The incident, which lasted almost ten minutes, happened on November 28, just after 2.30pm.

The two men were described as black and approximately 25-years-old.

Wandsworth Police confirmed the incident took place and also said the victim knew one of the suspects.

They also confirmed no arrests had been made as of Thursday.