Wandsworth has more Jedi Knights than any other borough in London, according to the recent Census.

Those identifying with "The Force" account for 1,213 borough residents, last week's figures have revealed.

While Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke may not agree that they are all genuine Jedi Knights, the popularity of the 'religion' speaks for itself.

With a population of approximately 306,996 the celestial revelation means that one in 253 people, or just over 0.4 per cent of the population, in Wandsworth count themselves as Jedi Knight.

The trend began in the 2001 Census when millions of people worldwide opted to cast themselves as a Jedi.

In addition to having the most Jedis, the borough is also home to 158 Pagans, 90 Rastafarians, 15 Satanists and 11 Scientologists.

A closer inspection of the Census also finds nine druids, five heathens and five mystics.

Elsewhere in Wandsworth's religious spectrum, which is compiled every ten years, there were 162,590 Christians, 24,746 Muslims, 6,496 Hindus.

There were also 2,574 Buddhists, 1,617 Jews and 832 Sikhs.

The Capital's most populace Jedi boroughs:

Wandsworth 1,213

Lambeth 1,146

Lewisham 959

Bromley 952

Southwark 917