Residents in and around two Battersea estates are set to create a masterplan for their area which will set out a detailed, long-term vision for future improvement work.

The process of creating a plan, which forms part of Wandsworth Council's regeneration project for the Winstanley and York Road estates, is expected to start in spring next year.

It follows a consultation this summer in which residents in the area were asked what they like, dislike and want to see change on their estate.

This consultation marked the first step in considering what needs to be done to improve the estates and local area for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors over the next several years.

Across both estates many people said their area has improved over the past year, but concern over issues such as crime and anti-social behaviour and the physical environment remain.

Councillor Jonathan Cook, deputy leader of Wandsworth Council, said: "It is clear from the feedback we have received that local people here care about the area they live in and want to help steer future plans for the estates - and we both encourage and rely on this level of involvement to help develop improvement plans."

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