A charity has knocked back the offer of profits from a comedy event because the content did not uphold its Christian values. 

The all day festival on Sunday in The Half Moon, Lower Richmond Road, Putney, was originally being held to raise money for Operation Wellfound.

But when charity members came to watch a preview they were so shocked by the sexual innuendo and swearing used by comedians they refused to accept any proceeds from the event.

The decision, just eight days before the event was held, forced organisers to hastily alter promotional information and find a new cause to support, picking WaterAid.

Simon Luckas, organiser of regular comedy night Gits and Shiggles at the venue, said it has been a nightmare changing listings and reprinting posters.

The 30-year-old said: "As the charity's mission statement declares it will help people regardless of creed, colour or religion, to let one's faith interfere with a fundraising effort, and over something that I personally find trivial seems a very self-destructive thing to do.

"But most importantly, I find it insulting not only to myself, as I have put four months of unpaid work into this, but to everyone who has agreed to give up their time."

David Pearce, Operation Wellfound chief operating officer, said: "Like any organisation we have to maintain certain standards.

"So for example if someone has a microphone and pretends it is a so and so, it is inappropriate.

"We are genuinely sorry but there are morals that we stand by and although it would have been nice to receive some funds to help vulnerable people in Africa, WellFound cannot support activities not in line with our Christian beliefs."

Some members of Operation Wellfound still plan to attend the event and the charity has provided a lookalike Johnny Depp to appear on the bill.

The festival featured comedy from Andy Zaltzman and Mr Luckas' comedy act Upstairs Downton, as well as music, cabaret and the Johnny Depp lookalike.