Police have confirmed more than eight people have been questioned in connection with the murder of a British schoolgirl in Jamaica.

Imani Green, of Old Hospital Close, Balham, was playing inside her cousin's shop in the quiet town of Duncans to the north of the island when a man opened fire last Friday.

The eight year old was killed instantly after being shot in the head and shoulder, while three other people were also injured.

Jamaican Police believe she was an innocent victim caught up in gangster warfare over an illegal lottery scam.

On Monday a man was shot and killed near a police station, close to the scene where the youngster was killed.

Karl Angel, director of communications for the Jamaican Constabulary Force, said police are yet to link the two murders.

He said: "A man walked into a shop opened fire, instantly she was killed. Three others were shot and injured.

"More than eight people have been taken in for investigation, but nobody has been arrested formally.

"The area is under curfew and we are providing all of the family with protection. That place has never turned out to be a hot spot for us, it is very strange."

Imani, a Fircroft Primary School pupil in Tooting, was on a family holiday to help her cope with the blood disorder sickle cell anaemia which causes her trouble in cold weather. She was accompanied by mother Donna Green and sister Jamila Palmer, a former Burntwood School student.

Tributes to the youngster have poured in from the community, while a special assembly was held at her school on Monday.

Anna Wilson, headteacher, said the school is offering counselling to staff and children affected by the tragedy.

She said: "The entire Fircroft School community is deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic news of the death of our pupil Imani Green.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with her family to whom we pledge our continuing love and support.

"Imani was a happy, playful child who was popular with staff and pupils alike.

"She suffered from sickle cell anaemia and we had to take great care to protect her from the cold which could adversely and dramatically worsen her condition."

Yvonne Holder, a neighbour, said: "She was one of the children that I see playing up here. I saw it on the television and thought I knew her face."

Earlier this week an anonymous tribute was left outside the family home wrapped around a candle reading: "For Imani. Rest in peace little angel."