An eco-friendly house is literally being built layer by layer in Wandsworth.

The three-bedroom Victorian style house will have a timber frame with a brick finish and is being constructed in levels off site, to be put together floor by floor this week.

It is being built in the garden of number one Charlwood Road, directly between the house and the railway line which lies behind it.

Father-of-one Matt Warnes, 36, who currently lives in Disraeli Road, is having the house built in his mother's back garden and the new property will be 1A Charlwood Road.

Despite living just yards from a busy railway Mr Warnes is not concerned about noise.

He said: "We have had noise tests conducted and as a result are having the house sound-proofed because of the proximity to the railway line.

"We actually found that plane noise is louder than train noise.

"The planning department at Wandsworth Council have said the house will be the greenest building in the borough."

Mr Warnes says the new house, with its 21st Century insulation, will save his family more than £2,000 in heating bills.

To buy a three-bedroom in this part of Putney would cost approximately £950,000.

Return to on Thursday to watch a time-lapse video of the house being constructed.