The death of a bullied teenage girl who plunged 60ft to her death was witnessed by one of her tormentors who had filmed her being sexually abused.

Chevonea Kendall-Bryan died after falling from her family's fourth floor flat in Seldon House, Savona Street, Battersea, on March 29, 2011.

An inquest into her death has heard the 13-year-old, who went to St Cecilia’s School, in Sutherland Grove, Southfields, had been the victim of cruel bullying from boys from her estate and at her school.

After a party, a month before her death, the schoolgirl was forced to perform a sex act on a teenage boy while another filmed it on his phone.

The video was passed around her school and young people on her Battersea estate leading to "merciless" taunts.

She told her school she had been raped and they passed on the information to social services who recommended she see a mental health professional.

However, the referral was never followed up by the school.

Minutes before she fell to her death, the inquest heard, Chevonea had been desperately urging one of the boys, named in court as E6, to delete the video.

In a text message to the boy she said: "How much can I handle, honestly? I beg you to delete it."

While giving evidence at North Westminster Coroners' Court, E6 confirmed Chevonea fell as he was riding past her home on his bike.

According to neighbour Richard Umunegbu, who witnessed Chevonea falling to her death, a boy on a bike who was speaking on his mobile phone, later found out to be E6, started crying and said "That wasn't meant to happen".

Mr Umunegbu said the boy cycled off without going for help, but later returned and watched paramedics battle to resuscitate the stricken teenager.

When coroner Mr Richmond asked how sure he was that E6 had said this, he replied: "100 per cent."

Coroner Bernard Richmond QC told the court he believed she was leaning out of the window to convince the boy she would jump if he did not erase the mobile phone footage.

Hours before her death Chevonea had changed her Blackberry messenger profile to read "F*** this life".

She also texted another friend saying "he wants me to jump". The inquest was expected to conclude on Wednesday.