Protesters have been forcibly evicted from Battersea Park adventure playground following a dawn raid.

Occupy London and Wandsworth Against Cuts have been occupying the playground for almost three weeks in a bid to save it from demolition.

But after Wandsworth Council were granted a court order last Thursday bailiffs moved in at 5am this morning to remove the group of 20 squatters.

Only two occupiers remain at the scene in a building adjacent to the playground which hosts one o'clock clubs.

Occupy London members said 20 police officers smashed through windows in the hut they were sleeping in as they barricaded the walls.

One, who called himself ‘Tigger’, said: "There were two bulldozers coming down this road.

" I stood in front of it, the bulldozer was just in front of my nose.

"They said you are not allowed beyond the fence, due to by law 47."

Another member of Occupy London who would only give her name as Annie said: "The park police removed us and said you will be arrested. I think it is happening too much around London, getting rid of this type of adventure playground.

"It is heart breaking, it is really sad, my little one says it is the best playground, other playgrounds are boring."

Council bulldozers began the demolition of the playground this morning, with plans to install an unstaffed park by Easter costing £200,000.

The area has been cordoned off with police tape, while the sun entrance is closed to the public.

Those who have been evicted have remained on the other side of the fence to the park, with plans to stage a protest.

More to follow.