A dentist who had kept expired medicine on his shelves has been reprimanded by the Government’s health watchdog.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) criticised Merton Park Dental Practice, in Cannon Hill Lane, Morden, for stocking emergency medicine which had passed its use-by date and not providing full evidence of safety checks.

The formal warning was issued to Sandip Patel, who also runs dental practices in Carshalton and Tooting.

The medicine has been replaced and the CQC said the practice was now compliant with health and safety standards.

Mr Patel explained the inspectors came at 24 hours notice and found "three or four items" were expired, such as an inhaler for patients who may suffer an asthma attack, sugar tablets for diabetics and adrenalin in case of an allergic reaction.

He said: "In 20 years I've never had to use emergency medicine, but we are required to have these things on the premises - we don't sell them.

"As soon as it was pointed out, all the items were replaced the next day."

Matthew Trainer, Deputy Director of CQC in London, said: “We check the national standards of quality and safety in care that the law says everyone should be able to expect.

“These standards exist to protect people who cannot always speak up for themselves from being put at risk of harm.

“We will continue to monitor the practice closely to check that people using its services are receiving the care and treatment they are entitled to expect."