A man evicted from his home after his brother and mother both died has been forced to sleep rough outside the flat they shared.

Leslie Hillsley, who lived in Connor Court, Alfreda Street, Battersea, has been living in the alleyway outside the property since January 31.

He lived there for six years with his mother and brother, but when his mother died the name of the flat was transferred to his brother Robert.

In March last year his brother suddenly died of cancer aged 55, with the former bookmaker remaining in the family home which he was paying rent for.

When he went to register the death he was told he would have to move out and could not transfer it into his name.

A court case followed and in December last year he was told he would be evicted by Wandsworth Council in January 2013.

On Christmas Eve Mr Hillsley was offered three hostels in Trafalgar Square, but as he is unemployed, he could not afford the travel to central London.

The bailiffs moved in on January 31 forcing Mr Hillsley to sleep rough with just a duvet to sleep on.

His possessions, including his father's wheelchair and a camp-bed, were moved into the alleyway and have since been taken.

He said: "The thing is, what is riling me about this, is when she said I couldn't stay there why didn't they just get me another place?

"They said I am squatting. If I am squatting, they don't pay rent, that is what I am led to believe.

"They won't find me a bed, I just want a bedroom, I just want my own room.

"I have just given up, no-one seems to want to do anything, no-one wants to help."

A spokesman for Wandsworth Council said they will offer him assistance, but he cannot remain in the flat.

He said:  "This case was determined by a judge at the county court who ruled that Mr Hillsley was not entitled to reside at this property.

"We will now be offering it to a family in housing need on our waiting list. We have also offered advice and assistance to Mr Hillsley to help him find somewhere suitable to live."