London politicians are urging Boris Johnson to bring in emergency measures to bring down nitrogen dioxide levels across the capital.

It comes after the Supreme Court ruled on May 1 the UK Government failed to reduce the pollutant NO2 within legal limits by 2010.

Wandsworth is often plagued with high levels of NO2, particularly on Putney High Street, where the yearly quota for the times levels of the pollutant can be topped has been hit within days of the start of the past two years.

The borough has been designated an Air Quality Management Area, with campaigners tirelessly working for solutions to the problem.

A motion backed by 16 London Assembly members highlighted previous calls for the Mayor's Air Quality Strategy to be updated, calling for faster action on reducing NO2.

It said Boris Johnson has failed to update his strategy, while reports show Euro vehicle emission regulations have not delivered expected reductions in the pollutant.

Jenny Jones, Green party Assembly Member, said: "Nitrogen dioxide may be invisible, but it has huge health hazards, particularly for the young and frail.

"Air pollution is widespread across London and it is extremely worrying that there are over 1,100 schools at risk because they are within 100m of busy roads.

"The Government and the Mayor have consistently pushed the issue backwards and forwards between themselves, but it is time for faster, stronger action."

Murad Qureshi who seconded the motion said: "Attempts to tackle air pollution so far have been woeful. 

"Air pollution is a silent killer, 20 times more deadly than road accidents and causing over 4,000 premature deaths each year. 

"It is time the Mayor stopped procrastinating and took some action on this very important issue."

The Mayor's office were unavailable for comment