“Brave Brenda,” who took on rioters in the 2011 London riots, could receive a touching tribute from Debenhams who have suggested Brenda’s Cafe as part of four options for a cafe name.

Debenhams Clapham Junction is inviting customers to name the store’s refurbished cafe as part of a multi-million pound investment, in which the third floor cafe will get a revamp.

The four options are; Café on 3 (A), Brenda’s Café (B), Ballroom Café (C) or Cupola Café (D).

Store manager Jason McShane-Chapman said: “It has been two years since Clapham was rampaged by looters during the London riots and as a tribute to the community for their continued work into restoring Clapham, Debenhams has selected ‘Brenda’s Café’ as one of the options for the café’s new name.

“This is in honour of ‘Brave Brenda’ who took on rioters as they ransacked Debenhams and the surrounding area in 2011.

“The day after the Clapham riots, Brenda came down with her broom and led a huge clean up, spending hours clearing up the damage.

“In years gone by, the café area was used as a ballroom, which is why Ballroom Café is an option and Cupola Café refers to the beautiful glass dome ceiling above the café.”

The deadline for voting is noon on Friday, August 30 and the refurbished cafe will launch on September 16, with its new name.

To vote, people can email: A, B, C or D to prdebenhams@havasww.com.