Worrying statistics show more people are dying of cancer in Wandsworth than the national average.

Overall the borough has a high cancer mortality rate, just above the UK average, but in certain types of cancer the statistics are more stark.

The Care Oncology Clinic has highlighted the borough has a high mortality rate for prostate cancer, the common cancer found in men, with 26 out of every 100,000 dying from the disease, compared to the national average of 24.

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Using figures from Cancer Research UK, they described Wandsworth’s bowel cancer mortality rate as ‘well above’ the UK average with 18.5 people dying out of every 100,000 compared to a national average of 16.4.

The rate for premature cancer deaths is also very high and breast cancer deaths in Wandsworth are also above the UK average.

The breast cancer screening service at St George’s Hospital was recently criticised for under-performing and not achieving key targets.

However, the hospital argued the areas where they had been underperforming were around waiting times and had no impact on mortality rates.

It was also revealed earlier this year women in Wandsworth are less likely to attend screening for breast cancer than any other borough in south west London.

Dr Robin Bannister, a scientist behind the Care Oncology Clinic, said there were a number of things which could contribute to the statistics in Wandsworth such as affluence, lifestyle and diet.

He said: "In certain areas – breast and bowel – the mortality rate is significantly higher, or a lot higher, and certain things contribute to that.

"If you look into statistics about Wandsworth more cancer diagnosis is later in life.

"The other thing that is very clear in breast and bowel cancer is that the screening rate is very much lower in Wandsworth.

"If you take breast cancer the national average is 77 per cent but in Wandsworth it is just under 66 per cent."

He emphasised the importance of woman checking themselves for breast cancer and acting on the signs of bowel cancer quickly

The Care Oncology Clinic looks into treating cancer for patients in palliative care, who have no other treatment options available to them. The doctors use existing medicines used to deal with glucose and fats to try and treat cancer.

St George’s Hospital were unable to comment in time for our deadline.