The Conservatives have held Wandsworth Council for more than 35 years and the borough is seen as a Conservative stronghold, known for its low council tax.

As the local elections loom, set to take place on Thursday, May 22, the leading party faces challenges across the borough with candidates from the UK Independence Party to the Communist Party.

Across the 20 wards both the Labour Party and the Tories have 60 candidates while the Liberal Democrats have 42, the Green Party has 24 and UKIP has 20 (down to 18 due to bad health).

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition are putting forward five candidates, the Communist Party one and two independent candidates are standing.

Over the next week the Wandsworth Guardian will be giving you the low-down on all the election news and what each party is saying to try and get your votes.

>> ELECTION 2014 - More information to help you decide on May 22

Wandsworth Guardian:

How do I vote?

  • The deadline for registering to vote was Tuesday, May 6
  • Poll cards have been delivered to qualified voters
  • On May 22, go to the polling station shown on the card, give your address and name, and you will receive a ballot paper
  • Mark your vote in secret on the ballot paper in a cubicle and put it in the sealed ballot box
  • Ballot boxes are only opened after polling stations have closed and they are taken to a central counting place.
  • No-one knows how you voted
  • Normal polling hours are 7am to 10pm
  • For more information visit

What are the EU elections all about?

Along with voting for your local councillors this May you have a chance to vote for who will represent you in the European Union.

The elections will choose 751 members of the European Parliament from across Europe who are responsible for ‘co-deciding’ up to 70 per cent of European laws.

Britain has 73 MEPs in the parliament.

Legislation is proposed by the unelected European Commission which is then amended by MEPs or national governments, represented in the Council of the EU.

They have the power to regulate everything from banking to the environment and health and safety.

London is represented by eight MEPs. Currently three are Conservative, two Labour, one Lib Dem, one Green and one UKIP.

Wandsworth Guardian: Flag of the European Union.

When you go to vote you will be voting for a single party, from 17 set to stand and the candidates will be selected by proportional representation.

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