Thousands of people across Wandsworth will cast their vote in the local and European elections today.

While the nervous political class pose for photographs outside polling stations across the country, others have seen a little light humour in the big event.

People across Wandsworth are posting funny stories on social media sites about their voting experiences while sweaty-palmed political campaigners ramp up their electioneering in an attempt to persuade voters at the last minute.

The Conservatives have held Wandsworth Council for more than 35 years and the borough is seen as a Conservative stronghold, known for its low council tax.

However, the Labour party is targeting the Tory-held ward of Queenstown and Ukip is standing candidates in almost every ward, including disgraced former MP Neil Hamilton.

Meanwhile the Lib Dems are chasing the Labour stronghold of Tooting.

Across the 20 wards both the Labour Party and the Tories have 60 candidates while the Liberal Democrats have 42, the Green Party has 24 and UKIP has 20 (down to 18 due to bad health).

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition are putting forward five candidates, the Communist Party one and two independent candidates are standing.

Don't forget the European Elections are also taking place today, as we elect those who will represent our interests within the EU.

All registered voters should have received a polling card with the address of the station they need to attend.

Polling stations opened at 7am and close at 10pm.

Reporter Sophia Sleigh will be at Wandsworth Town Hall giving you a live report of events.

Christine Hamilton's husband Neil is running in St Mary's Park