A photographer, who has been diagnosed along with her two sisters with the faulty breast cancer gene, is taking part in the Battersea Park Race for Life this evening.

Emma Lewis, 36, from Battersea, recently discovered she carries the faulty breast cancer gene BRCA1, along with her two sisters Henny, 40 and Molly, 38.

Wandsworth Guardian:

Her sister Henny was diagnosed with breast cancer but has now fully recovered after undergoing a double mastectomy and having her ovaries removed.

Ms Lewis said: “As sisters we’re all at different stages with where we go from here.

“I don’t have a family and so want to keep my breasts and ovaries until I do.  However I am fully aware of the implications of having the BRCA1 gene, a reminder that time is an issue for me.

“I know I’m not on my own with this and that one day because of the advances into cancer research women won’t have to make these difficult decisions. That’s why I want to do my bit to help raise funds and awareness.”

Ms Lewis learned she had the BRCA1 gene after losing relatives to cancer on her father’s side.

The race is taking place at 7pm in Battersea Park this evening in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Are you taking part in the race today? Email your pictures to ssleigh@london.newsquest.co.uk