A group of residents have got together to fight crime after they grew sick of being targeted by criminals.

After a spike in crime in Wandsworth Town a group of residents set up a neighbourhood scheme, Tonsley Watch, and have already secured funding from local businesses to help victims, pay for signage and CCTV cameras in the area.

Now every road in the Tonsley’s area has a watch representative and the group will be holding events throughout the summer where people can meet their neighbours and local police officers.

Katie Scott, 37, said: "We have wonderful support from our local community police officers but they are only able to patrol once a day and so we are taking it upon ourselves to pull together and do something about it. 

"There is a real peak in crime especially car crime and burglaries and lots of bikes have been stolen.

"There are some people who are elderly and don’t necessarily know there is help out there for them.

"CCTV cameras are going up on every road which we are funding ourselves. People will think twice about coming in here.

"Everyone is really pulling together. Anecdotally in the last month there has been a burglary on my road, two friends had their cars broken into, or wheels taken, and reports of anti-social behavior."

Mrs Scott also reported homes being burgled whilst the families, including children, were home.

The group was initiated by Suki Copeland, whose home has been burgled, and Gemma Lippiat whose car has been targeted by thieves on numerous occasions.

The next event will take place on June 28, at St Faith’s Primary School summer fair where the police and Tonsley Watch will mark up people’s valuables, give advice and hand out free neighbourhood watch window stickers.