The life and times of a Battersea Tommy have been recreated through Facebook.

In the trenches of the Somme and Flanders fields men were more likely to record their memoirs through diaries and letters.

Wandsworth Guardian:

Now a Facebook page, WW1: A Soldier’s Tale, has imagined what it would have been like if a young British soldier, fighting in one of the most momentous and deadliest conflicts in history, had access to social media.

The project aims to bring WW1 to life for a generation and has been created by the Greater London Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (GL RFCA), communications agency David Noble Associates and the London Borough of Wandsworth.

The page explores the life of Walter Carter, a fictional Battersea soldier, seen through his eyes and those of his family and friends.

Debbie Wilkinson, community engagement director at GL RFCA said: “By creating a fictional character, the site can include material on Walter’s family, friends and colleagues, which means it can cover a huge range of events and themes.

“The information has been thoroughly researched and includes lots of links to additional material, audio and video links, so it’s a wonderful educational resource for anyone interested in the First World War and life in Great Britain at that time.

“It’s fascinating to think about what people would have talked about if Facebook had been around in 1914-18.”