Peanut allergies can be potentially fatal and sufferers are constantly governed by what they can and cannot eat.

However, little Freddie Simpson, two, from Wandsworth, has managed to kick the life-threatening allergy after his mum, Jo, was determined she did not want him to suffer the same severe reactions as her.

Wandsworth Guardian:

Mrs Simpson took Freddie to the private Portland Hospital, near Regents Park, where he underwent a ‘food allergy challenge’ during which his body was trained to overcome his potentially fatal food allergy.

Mrs Simpson, 37, has been hospitalised in the past due to her severe allergy and said: "I’m anaphylactic to peanuts and Freddie had an obvious mild reaction to lentils at nursery when he was about 14 months old. I thought right, I’m going to take him off and get him tested.

"It has been invaluable because of the worry I would have had if we had not gone through with it. 

"I have to be careful. I haven’t been careful in the past when I was younger. It is horrible to have the allergy. I’m extremely grateful we found out about it."

Initial tests showed Freddie had a mild sensitivity to peanuts but he was suitable to undergo the peanut challenge.

Staff introduced him to small amounts of peanut butter in a safe and controlled environment. His doctor was then able to advise Mrs Simpson that regular exposure to peanut based food, during Freddie’s weaning process, could ensure he built up a tolerance to the food and overcome his sensitivity.

Mrs Simpson gives Freddie peanut based foods three times a week and he is able to safely enjoy birthday parties.