I joined the hoards of people making their way to the Wimbledon tennis championships without incident yesterday, got my pass swiped and then I was in.

I walked a little dazed past Murray Mound, only realising that was it when Centre Court loomed up on my left hand side with a huge screen on the outside showing the game being played on the other side of the imposing walls.

Heading straight to the press centre to get organised, I was just picking up a leaflet about the order of play when an announcement was made. ‘Andy Murray will be in the main interview room in 15 minutes.’ What good timing. Must be beginner’s luck!

Wearing a white Adidas hoodie and not making much eye contact with the eager reporters, Murray made it through the conference but looked like he didn’t enjoy it at all.

As the sports reporters agonised over tactics, my main concern was that poor Labradoodle he rescued from oncoming traffic.

Had it helped his nerves when he came to its rescue? "That didn't really come into my thinking too much the day before the match," he said with a smile.

After that it was ‘tennis questions only’ although a few people deviated onto boxing and a visit from Shaquille O’Neal (‘he’s a big boy,’ Andy declared) without incident.

When that finished I luckily got my hands on a pass for Centre Court and managed to catch the last ten minutes of top seed Novak Djokovic beating Andrey Golubev.

It was a great atmosphere and I was in awe at the size of the court. It does look bigger on television, though. Unfortunately quite a few people left after that match finished, so it was half empty for Aleksandra Wozniak versus Dominika Cibulkova.

There was quite a lot of giggling in the crowd, as one of the players, not sure which, was very vocal in her serve, and it sounded like she was swearing each time.

Later on, rain stopped play, just as I was starting to enjoy another match on Court 17. The outside courts are pretty good, I’ve discovered, because you are so close to the action and there are don’t seem to be any restrictions on coming and going.

It was nice to see some familiar faces at the grounds yesterday, and although the journey home took forever with thousands queuing for the underground, I really enjoyed my first day at Wimbledon.