Firefighters are warning people in high rise flats not to store rubbish in corridors after a ‘deliberate’ fire on the 10th floor of a Wandsworth block this morning.

Drug paraphernalia and a gas canister were found in the corridor of Sporle Court on the Winstanley Estate in what firefighters said was the latest in a spate of blazes in the area.

Extensive smoke damage was caused to the corridor in what is being treated as a deliberate fire being investigated by Metropolitan Police officers.

There were no injuries and the building was not evacuated after the incident at 8am.

Firefighters from Battersea, Wandsworth and Clapham stations were called to the scene to reports of a fire on the 10th floor of the flats in Winstanley Road.

Watch manager Simon Jenkins said they found a quantity of rubbish and what looked like drug paraphernalia at the scene.

Three fire engines and 15 firefighters were called to the scene, using special high rise procedures to gain access to the blaze.

Watch manager Jenkins said: “We have had a lot of issues with rubbish being left out.

“It is a magnet for people starting nuisance fires and can be avoided by keeping corridors clear.”

He said firefighters had been called to a fire caused when a mattress was left out on the 10th floor of nearby Inkster House several weeks ago.

“Rubbish being left out attracts antisocial behaviour,” he added.

He said the incident at Sporle Court on Saturday, June 28, was the latest in a spate of small nuisance fires.

There was no damage to flats as a result of the fire.