The World Cup is sadly over for some but one Wandsworth girl has gone viral after turning herself into the iconic trophy.

Artist, Emma Allen, 33, spent two and a half hours painting herself before snapping a selfie and posting it on the web. In less than 24 hours she received 500,000 web views.

Wandsworth Guardian:

Ms Allen wore a bald cap and painted herself gold 

The former Honeywell Primary School pupil said: "I was always artistic but really struggled with the other subjects. I had a teacher Mr McNeil who once introduced me to his class as ‘this is Emma, she can make anything'.

"It was a big title to live up to as a 10-year-old, but it stuck in my memory ever since and I think of it when I feel stumped or need to find inspiration to push myself on."

Ms Allen also worked at the Party Superstore in Clapham Junction and said it taught her a lot about costumes and make-up.

After taking the body paint off Ms Allen was still finding bits of paint she had missed days later and was walking around with golden eyebrows.

Wandsworth Guardian:

Ms Allen without the paint 

She added: "The World Cup trophy is such an iconic symbol around the world so I wanted to try and see if I could represent it in face paint.

"I have been trying to persuade friends to model for me for a while but I just kept offending people so I decided to buy a bald cap and have a go on myself."

She said the reaction had been ‘amazing’ and added: "It’s been interesting to see all the different interpretations of the picture.

"It’s also been quite overwhelming; I didn't expect it at all. This was meant to be a trial run to do a proper one on someone else later."

Ms Allen also runs a charity for disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka