A vet is warning dog owners of the dangers of corn on the cob after a Labrador needed life-saving surgery to remove a husk lodged in his stomach.

The 11-year-old Labrador, called Finn, found the piece of corn when the Evans family, from Wandsworth, held a barbeque on Friday, June 13.

Roger Bralow, head vet at the Wimbledon-based Stone Lion Veterinary Hospital, said corn husks are indigestible by dogs and, once eaten, can cause a potentially fatal obstruction unless they are surgically removed.

His owner, Charlotte Evans, said he liked to scavenge at any opportunity – like many Labradors. 

The family caught him with the corn but the cheeky pooch managed to eat it before they could stop him.

Finn was initially fine but was sick overnight and for the following four days.

Mrs Evans said: “[The vets] told us while many dogs vomit from time to time, they rarely do it for several days so we took him in straight way.

“He was starting to lose weight and we were very worried about him.  When the Stone Lion team X-rayed him and found the corn husk, I was distraught, as was my eight year old daughter Tabitha - Finn has been with us since before she was born.

“They told us they would have to operate immediately as any delay could prove dangerous so we spent a very worrying few hours. 

“It was a great relief to hear that the surgery had gone well and the corn had been removed without problem.  He is now recovering well - and back to his old scavenging habits - but we are keeping corn on the cob well away from him.”

Vet Roger Bralow added: “Fortunately,  Finn's owners got him to us in time so we could help him and it's great that he is recovering so well from the surgery."

The Stone Lion Veterinary Hospital is based at 41 High Street, Wimbledon and can be contacted on 0208 946 4228.