A new £94,000 Aston Martin has been seized for not having any insurance.

The luxury sports car, most commonly associated with James Bond, was stopped by police officers at the roundabout, near Wandsworth Bridge, during an operation on Thursday, July 17.

Wandsworth Guardian: JAMES-BOND.jpg

Inspector David Bannister said: “It was around lunchtime it was stopped by officers in a marked car and found not to have any insurance.

“They can pay to get it back but as far as I know it hasn’t been yet. If they don’t claim – it will be auctioned off and the proceeds go to the Met.

“That day we stopped about 46 vehicles. In terms of the operation it was a great success.

“We also arrested two people for possession with intent to supply – they had wraps of cocaine. We gave out two cannabis warnings and two vehicles on top [of the Aston Martin] were detained.”

The crackdown on uninsured drivers took place near Wandsworth Bridge