A man stands accused of fatally shooting a teenager in the back after his van was caught on CCTV near the scene.

Kyle McDonald, 19, from Fulham, was shot in Kambala Road, on Battersea’s Winstanley estate, on the evening of September 18 last year.

A: CCTV recorded the white van entering and leaving the cul de sac around the time of the murder

B: Kambala Road where Mr McDonald was shot

C: Coppock Close where Mr McDonald collapsed and died

Mr McDonald staggered 150m and collapsed in Coppock Close. On his body were found 30 rocks of crack cocaine, cannabis and £200 in cash, the court heard.

The Old Bailey heard on Monday that Mr McDonald had been dealing drugs on the day of his death and was connected to Battersea’s notorious SUK gang.

Noor Omar, 23, of St John's Hill, Battersea, is on trial for his murder.

Prosecution lawyer Peter Finnigan QC said there was no obvious motive but claimed Mr Omar’s white VW van had parked nearby in the cul-de-sac minutes before the shooting and acted as the getaway vehicle moments after.

Despite hearing the gunfire nobody saw shots being fired and no CCTV camera was focused on the scene. Only the entrance to the cul-de-sac and its pedestrian exit were covered by CCTV cameras, the court heard.

Police spent hours scrutinising CCTV in the surrounding area but no one who could have realistically been the gunman was seen to enter or leave, the jury heard.

Mr Finnigan said: "Last year on a September evening, as night fell, a young man Kyle McDonald made his way along a residential road on an estate in Battersea.

"As he walked along the road in a section not covered by CCTV he was shot once in the back.

"The bullet passed through him and it lodged just underneath the section on the front of his chest. On its way it passed through his right lung and through his heart.

"Although fatally injured he was able to make his way 150m or so from where he was shot, at the end of the cul-de-sac, through the walkway into another section of the estate and where he died."

The shot had been heard by nearby residents. One of them also heard someone groaning and looked out of his first floor window and saw a man running quickly and pulling up his trousers. This, the prosecution said, was the gunman escaping. He was heading towards the turn in the road which would take him out of sight.

Wandsworth Guardian:

Flowers left near the scene last year 

Initially it was not clear to police where the shooting happened but soon a blood trail was discovered, which led from where Mr McDonald's body was, to where he was shot. A specialist search team found a 9mm cartridge near the start of the blood trail in Kambala Road.

Mr Finnigan said: "How could Kyle be shot in the back? Who did it? How could the running gunman manage to escape? Where had he gone?

"The answer in effect is very simple. It is the Crown’s case he ran around the turn in the road to a waiting van which was then driven away from the scene and the van belonged to this defendant, Noor Omar. He does not dispute that he was driving the van at the material time. He was in it, at that time, on the estate."

CCTV shows the van was driven into the cul-de-sac just after 7.30pm that evening. The jury was shown footage from nearby Falconbrook Primary School, which showed the van manoeuvring in the road.

Mr Finnigan said the van then reversed out of sight of the cameras as Kyle walked towards it.

He added: "It is the Crown’s case the driver, the defendant, had seen Kyle and was positioning to intercept him.

"Kyle then walked around the corner in the cul-de-sac, was shot in the back, he then runs, staggers even, through the cameras to the point where he collapsed a died.

"Within moments that van left the scene, as you would expect it to do. Job done. The driver, the defendant, drove away from the scene."

Mr Omar, who denies murder, told police he was driving in the area that evening because he planned to visit a relative who lived nearby, but the visit was called off and he decided to meet another friend, pulling over to make a call. He said he knew Mr McDonald because he hung around the local area but they were not friends.

The jury was shown detailed maps of the cul-de-sac where Mr McDonald was shot and staggered from Kambala Road, through an alley way to Fawcett Close and through another alleyway to Coppock Close where he collapsed. The footage showed Mr McDonald fall on to all fours before he collapsed completely. Seconds after the shooting the white VW van was seen leave the cul-de-sac.