The council and police stopped an illegal rave taking place on Tooting Common this weekend.

A man advertised a variety of activities for Sunday, August 31, on social networking sites, Facebook and Instagram.

The proposed event included barbecues, dance competitions, DJ sets until 8pm and an after party until late – with sound systems in the car park.

The unauthorised event was expected to attract 400 people. Police and the council got in contact with the organiser and told him he would be subject to prosecution if the event went ahead.

A police spokesman denied it was a ‘rave’ and said it was more like a ‘party’. However, ten police officers were sent to monitor the common. No-one turned up to party.

A spokesman for Wandsworth Council said: "Ensuring that this large unauthorised and illegal event did not cause any damage to the common or create nuisance and disturbance to local residents was the result of some great partnership work between the council and the Met Police. 

"The alarm was raised when staff in both our events and sports services teams spotted online adverts for this large scale party. We immediately contacted the organiser and told him that if he proceeded with the event he would be prosecuted by us for breaching the council's byelaws.

"The police also spoke to him and repeated those warnings and they then mounted patrols in and around the common to ensure that it did not take place.

"As a result of these strongly worded warnings the organiser called off the event. Happily our efforts and those of the police ensured that the peace and tranquillity of the common was not disturbed in any way."