A crack house has been closed down by authorities after reports from neighbours of constant shouting and screaming.

The Battersea flat was closed after residents complained it had become a centre for drugs activity and antisocial behaviour.

Drug addicts had been pressing the buzzers at all hours and neighbours had to put up with shouting and screaming all the time, according to police.

Residents of the Peabody estate were abused, drugs were supplied on the premises and communal doors were damaged.

The occupier ignored repeated warning from officers that he should do something to stop the disorderly behaviour.

Battersea police officers and officials from the Peabody Trust went to the estate to carry out a court order, seal the flat and remove the tenant on Wednesday, August 20.

The 66-year-old tenant did not attend court for the closure hearing and, after listening to the evidence, the magistrate was satisfied closure was necessary.

Alternative accommodation has been found for the man. He is also being provided with additional support to prevent others taking advantage of him and to help with drug issues.

PC Darren Sims, the dedicated ward officer for the Northcote safer neighbourhood team, said: "I firmly believe that other people visiting the property were taking advantage of the tenant. However, this is no way diminished the noise, nuisance and criminal activity that was inflicted upon other residents.

"The message should be clear - police will support a community faced with a persistent source of antisocial behaviour and take tough action against those responsible."