This CCTV image was taken just seconds before a woman was dragged under a train at Clapham South after her clothes got caught.

Wandsworth Guardian:

Emergency operation: Ambulances outside Clapham South yesterday (@Jen_Lianne)

The woman, thought to be in her 20s, is said to be in the group of people outside the nearest door, in the foreground. 

Transport for London bosses released the image to show the platform was not “overcrowded” when the horrific incident took place, at about 8am yesterday morning.

The woman was pulled under the departing train and escaped the terrifying ordeal with a black eye and a broken arm, according to the Evening Standard.

Witnesses said she was screaming as the train dragged her by her coat and dress across the platform and under the carriage.

Her injuries are not thought to be life-threatening and she was taken to hospital.

London Fire Brigade used a ‘scoop stretcher’, a specialist piece of equipment, to pull the young woman back onto the platform.

They had sent two fire engines and a fire rescue unit from from Clapham, Tooting and Battersea fire stations.

Wandsworth Guardian:

Rush hour delays: Queues at nearby Balham Station 

Police are not treating the incident as suspicious, but are investigating to find out how she was pulled under.

The incident caused major delays during the morning rush hour and commuters were evacuated from the train and station.

Lambeth councillor for Clapham Common, Bernard Gentry, said he was not surprised when he heard the news and added: “In many ways the surprise is it is not more common. It only takes someone to trip for a serious accident.

“This incident happened in the morning. Most of us know it is impossible to get a train in the morning.

“The concern in the area is that TfL, and whoever else, spend a lot of money on new trains but are not spending anything on the real pinch points – which are the stations.

“I’ve talked to the staff and almost every day they are concerned about the infrastructure there is.”

Nigel Holness, London Underground operations director, said: “We are investigating the incident to understand exactly what happened but we have already established that while the station was busy, the platform was not overcrowded.

“The safety of customers and staff is our top priority and we do all we can to ensure customers can travel safely at all times.

“Thankfully incidents of this nature are extremely rare on our network and the Tube is one of the safest railways in the world. This follows heavy investment in safety improvements, and we are constantly seeking to further improve our excellent safety record.”