In the run up to anti-slavery day on October 18, the Rah Rah Theatre Company is showcasing a play tackling the issue of human trafficking.

The play, ‘My Mind Is Free’, was written by playwright Sam Hall.

The company aims to create a powerful interpretation of the degradations of this growing societal issue by setting the play within an intimate community performance space. The Theatre Company decided to tackle human trafficking after their director Jude Spooner joined the New Malden Abolition group and was made aware of the issue.

When asked if human trafficking was the same as slavery Jude Spooner said ‘In my opinion yes it is a modern day form of slavery.

"However unlike slavery previously it is covered up and hidden from society".

In addition Jude wishes to address the way in which human trafficking is affecting the lives of everyday Brits.

She said: "Brothels or an illegal cannabis farm could be on your street."

Each performance of the play will be raising money for a number of charities involved in ending what is known as "modern day slavery".

For more information on human trafficking and what you can do to prevent it visit or /