A woman is furious with health insurance company Bupa after she claims it revoked her travel insurance because she has bipolar disorder.

And she has launched a petition which has been signed by more than 56,000 in two weeks ago which aims to "stop insurance companies from discriminating against mental health". 

Elizabeth Watson, 30, of Penwith Road, Earlsfield, said she called Bupa and went through her physical medical conditions and medications and received cover for £21 - yet later realised she hadn't mentioned her bipolar disorder so called them back.

She said: "I asked if this would be something I would need to declare. For those of you that don't know - Bipolar disorder, formerly known manic depression, is a condition that affects your moods, which can swing from one extreme to another.

"After declaring my bipolar, I was told I would no longer be covered - even if I paid a higher premium."

She added: “I felt angry, upset and worried about my holiday plans.

“I took to social media and got support from others, who said that if I started a petition then they would back me.

“I want to make as much noise as possible, and I don’t want them to keep saying sorry. I need a detailed response as to why.

“In general, this needs to be addressed. For example, people go on booze-filled holidays and are at a higher risk than someone with depression in my eyes.

“Until I see valid proof of figures otherwise, the insurance companies are just hiding under their writers.

“Mental health should not be discriminated against, full stop.”

Richard Norris, director of consumer insurance at Bupa UK, said: “We’re sorry for the distress we have caused Ms Watson. We aim to give our customers the most comprehensive cover possible, including mental health conditions where possible.

“We screen our premier and gold travel insurance customers for physical and mental health conditions to check whether we can provide coverage for any pre-existing conditions while they’re abroad.

“We continually review our travel insurance cover based on customer feedback.”

To see the petition, visit here.