A chance inspection of a parked car in Battersea led to the arrest of a suspected burglar last week.

Police community support officers (PCSO) Michelle Allen and Dave Archer were on patrol in Knowsley Road on Friday, March 27, when they noticed a black car parked in a secluded spot.

After running the vehicle’s details through the police system they discovered the car had been used in an aggravated burglary the morning before, during which the occupants of the house had been threatened with a firearm and baseball bats.

Arrangements were made for the car to be removed for forensic examination, but just minutes before officers were due to lift the vehicle a woman got into it and tried to drive off.

She was stopped and arrested at the scene by firearms officers.

Police then searched the house the woman was seen coming out of.

Inside, a second woman was arrested along with a man fitting the description of the burglary suspects.

A further search uncovered a baseball bat and a Rolex watch believed to be linked with the aggravated burglary.

A police spokesman said: “This was an excellent result which would not have happened if PCSO Allen and Archer had not been so vigilant.”

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