The Putney Society and Wandsworth Council have launched a petition in a joint bid to secure hybrid buses for Putney High Street.

Both organisations are combining their efforts to increase pressure on Transport for London (TfL) after meeting last month's meeting about the issue.

Air quality monitors in the borough have found high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) on Putney High Street, which regularly breach European Union (EU) limits.

Research shows high levels of pollution can cause asthma in young children, as well as cardiac and respiratory problems.

A Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) report last year found buses account for more than two thirds of NO2 emissions in Putney High Street, despite making up only 10 per cent of vehicle flow.

TfL has said it will introduce hybrid buses on three Putney High Street routes, but campaigners said more are needed now to improve air quality.

Jonathan Callaway, deputy chairman of the Putney Society, said: "Putney residents have been subjected to high air pollution levels on Putney's main roads for far too long. It is time for a change.

"The introduction of hybrid buses should be a top priority for Transport for London. Existing buses could also be retrofitted with clean air technology."

Wandsworth's environment spokesman Councillor Jonathan Cook said: "We want every bus on routes through Putney High Street to be a low emission hybrid model by 2014.

"This is the single most important measure needed to bring down pollution and to protect our community's health."

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