Petrol pumps in the borough are running dry with people panic buying fuel in fear of a national tanker strike.

Shell Savoy in York Road, Wandsworth, is out of all petrol, while Spar Total Service Station in Nightingale Road, Balham said this morning they would soon run out if the mayhem carries on.

A worker at Shell Savoy said: "We don't have any petrol, we ran out of all fuels.

"Yesterday there were lots of people panic buying. We are waiting for delivery, we don't know what is going on."

Staff at Spar Total Service Station said the panic buying got worse after Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude suggested drivers should fill up any spare jerry cans with petrol.

A worker said: "It is mayhem. We have not yet ran out, but it won't be long if it carries on this busy.

"It is even more since what happened on the six o'clock news."

Somerfield Service Station in Garratt Lane, Tooting, have still got supplies.

Shop worker Niranea Sahaiarhe said: "We are getting busy since yesterday afternoon. But we have got petrol and should be ok today and tomorrow."

Moves to start peace talks to avert the strike have been stepped up amid fears the panic buying will escalate.