Actors, luvvies and drama school drop-outs should all turn away now, as Sir Ian McKellen will be sending them up in his first comedy series The Academy, set in Clapham.

Mr McKellen will play his fictional brother Murray in the mockumentary-style show as the principal of the failing Clapham Academy of Creative Arts (CACA).

The drama school, once a successful small institute, is in danger of closing after the recession leaves them short on talent and funding.

In a bid to raise funds, Murray decides to allow a documentary to be filmed at the centre, providing the narrative and premise for the series.

McKellen has clearly relished the chance to send himself up, appearing as Murray at screenings of the series and maintaining his persona online via facebook and twitter.

Speaking about his brother, the Lord of the Rings star, said: "I am delighted that my brother Murray McKellen is at last able to do something positive about the frankly dire financial mess at his acting Academy in Clapham."

"He and his staff deserve the highest praise for their dedication and professionalism which bring joy and light to their students and to their neighbours in Clapham."

The show has been taken recently on by DVT Entertainment, the producers of My Family, and 2act Productions, who are pitching it to broadcasters now.

They hope The Academy will hit our screens in the New Year.

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