Filming began this weekend for a community film set in Wandsworth starring James Bond actor Colin Salmon.

One Square Mile (OSM), is the brainchild of writer and producer Leon Butler, with filming for the film's teaser taking place across the weekend in the borough.

The film aims to bring people in the community together, while supporting Wandsworth based charities and businesses.

Landmarks across the borough were used for filming, including Battersea Park, Streatham Cemetery and the Doddington Estate.

Single mother's charity STORM also provided the catering during the filming.

The film is being penned as a mix between Crash and Amores Perros and is based on real events.

It focuses on a variety of characters who come from different social backgrounds, but find their paths cross.

A series of events have taken place to find investors for the film and raise money for STORM at the same time.

Mr Salmon has appeared in two Bond films to date, Tomorrow Never Dies and Die Another Day.

The teaser of the film is being screened in The Doodle Bar, Parkgate Road, Battersea on November 28.