Access Self Storage stores in Balham and Battersea have collected 50 chocolate Easter Eggs with the help of people all over Wandsworth for to Wandsworth Food Bank. 

Dan Frith, Wandsworth Foodbank manager said: “We’re really thrilled that both the Access Self Storage Battersea and Balham stores joined forces to collect chocolate Easter Eggs for the individuals and families we help. Thanks to everyone who took part and kindly donated.”

Peter Hill, manager of Access Self Storage Balham said: “We’re delighted with our egg count of 50. Every little helps. We want to thank everyone who took part dropping off easter eggs at our store for such a great cause and we’d like to particularly mention Comic Company and Modern and Edern Limited, who made generous donations. Some are still coming in, so we’ll be taking those to the Wandsworth Food Bank in time for Easter too.”

Over the past five years since the annual Access Self Storage Easter Egg collection started, over 2,800 chocolate eggs have been donated to dozens of UK charities.

Article supplied by Miki Holt