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FULL TIME: Wimbledon are 90 minutes away from the Football League. What a performance tonight, brushing Fleetwood aside like they weren't even there. Luton will not be fancying playing this lot at Eastlands on May 21. See you then.

90 min: THREE minutes added on and Wimbledon might just have to settle for eight goals over two legs.

89 min: Kaid Mohamed picks up the man of the match award. He has scored three goals and been nothing short of outstanding so it seems a fair choice.

85 min: Terry Brown's enjoying himself. He answers one stands call for a wave, then another stands and even turns to those behind him and gives them a wave.

84 min: Yussuff just jumped in a little needlessy there and if that was earlier in the game and Fleetwood cared a bit more he could have been in trouble for that. As it is he just gets a talking to.

81 min: GOAL! It's official, this is a rout and I think the fat lady has already done her song and gone to bed. This time it's JAMES MULLEY with the goal, exchanging passes with Yussuff before rounding Hurst to score.

78 min: The announcer just asked fans to keep off the pitch at the end, hmm, good luck with that.

74 min: Donnelly reacts badly to a Yakubu challenge and the two go head-to-head. It's behind the refs back though so no action taken. There's no need to get involved in those silly things now.

71 min: SUB: Kedwell goes off and on comes Mulley. I wondered if Brown would replace Mohamed to keep him fresh given the form he is in but he will play the whole 90 now.

67 min: GOAL. This is utterly ridiculous. The referee plays a fantastic advantage as CHRISTIAN JOLLEY chases a long ball, tries to round the keeper, loses the ball, wins it back again and then top pokes home. That's FIVE, yes FIVE, goals to Dons tonight.

67 min: That que sera song is being sung again... and oh my giddy Aunt can you guess what just happened...yes indeed... AFC Wimbledon have scored AGAIN.

63 min: GOAL. Kaid Mohamed, what signing by Brown. He has a hat-trick with the simplest of tap-ins after fantastic work by Yussuff and Kedwell. Yussuff and Mohamed both had shots blocked before Mohamed bundled in. Now the fat lady can sing.

61 min: YELLOW CARD. There's our first booking of the night as Linwood sends Jolley flying through the air. The sub is up straight away and looks ok thankfully.

59 min: I'm not sure Kedwell has touched the ball yet this half. Wimbledon could just do with a period of possession.

55 min: SUB: Jolley on for Moore. 10 minutes into the second half let's regroup. The Dons team that came out for this second half has not woken up yet. It's understandable they want to be a bit a cautious and not overexert themselves but they need to not give Fleetwood too much hope either.

50 min: SUB: It turns out Dons did make a sub at half time and none of us in the press box noticed. Yakubu came of for Gwillim so Johnson is now left back.

48 min: GOAL. Well that's not what was supposed to happen. Brown makes another excellent save but Gareth Seddon is first to rebound. Four more goals needed for Fleetwood.

47 min: Attendance: 4538.

46 mins: SUBS: It's a double change for Fleetwood, Linwood and Clancy on for Vieira and Gregan. Dons have us back under way.

HALF TIME: Paul Linwood is stripped and ready to come on for Fleetwood it would seem. The crowd are temporarily distracted by the groundsmens fight to move the sprinkler. They lost and got wet.

HALF TIME: "Wombles fans can't travel to MK, they're never gonna go to Manchester... #jealous." From Kingstonian sponsors Banquet Records on Twitter.

HALF TIME: Lots of ex-Dons introduced at half time. John Hartson, Carl Leaburn, Glynn Hodges, Lawrie Sanchez and Dave Bassett.

HALF TIME: Could that have gone any better for Wimbledon? No is probably the answer. Terry Brown even has time to shake Haydon the Womble's hand as he goes off. Interesting conundrum for him now, does he take some of his star players off or does he want to make 120 per cent sure Fleetwood cannot get back into this?

45 min: "Oh for the day AFC overtake the franchise known as MK Dons!" From Andy Burton on Twitter. Just imagine if they get drawn together in the league cup first round?

43 min: Luton will be buoyed maybe by the amount of chances Fleetwood have had. The inspired Seb Brown saves from Seddon this time. They could actually have scored five this half Fleetwood you know so myabe the fat lady should stay sat for a little while longer.

42 min: "Shame the play off final ticket prices are so high." From Joe Whitbread on Twitter. Anyone know what they are?

39 min: You have to wonder what Luton must be thinking right now. I imagine they are probably hiding behind the sofa. Wimbledon are very very impressive.

35 min: GOAL! Less than a minute after Brown makes another good save from Donnelly, a mix up in the Fleetwood defence see Moore through against Hurst and he unselfishly crosses for Mohamed to walk the ball into an empty net for his second of the game and Dons' third. Fleetwood need five.

35 min: Fleetwood aren't giving up either but they should now.. GOAL!!

34 min: Wimbledon are not letting up out there, they want more as Moore and Kedwell have shots blocked.

31 min: 'Que sera sera, whatever will be will be, we're going to Man City, que sera que sera." Rings out around Kingsmeadow.

28 min: GOAL. And that surely is that. Hatton whacks a cross in from almost the half way line that goes over everyone and finds DANNY KEDWELL in space of the back post. He has acres of time to control and pick his spot in the far corner with absolute perfection. Job done.

26 min: Fleetwood go right up the other end and Brown finds himself in no-man's land. Vieria lobs him but Hatton gets back to smack the ball clear on the line. Another warning.

25 min: More impressive football from Wimbledon but Wellard's cross is just over Moore's head.

23 min: Lovely movement sees Kedwell set up Hatton in the box but he is caught between shooting and crossing and the ball balloons over the bar and out of the ground.

20 min: Again Fleetwood threaten and only a last-ditch Johnson tackle denies Donnelly.

19 min: "If it's Dons v Luton in the final, how ridiculous to play it in Manchester! Almost as bad as Man City v Stoke at Wembley!" From Omar Oakes on Twitter.

16 min: There's a warning for Wimbledon not to start thinking the job is done. Seddon is put through on goal but Brown does excellently to come out and block his shot with his feet. That was a huge chance for Fleetwood and a very important save from Brown.

11 min: On the pitch, Donnelly fires in a shot from distance. It's not a bad effort but it's a good two foot over.

9 min: There's a lot of talk about Fleetwood's centre backs in the press box. Why? Well they're not the slimmest and that's putting it lightly. McNulty in particular looks like he has had a few too many pies but is amazingly only 27 years old. Gregan has his shirt untucked which I think is only to hide his belly, but he is 37.

5 min: There's only been five minutes and I already feel like I need a breather. The tempo has been excellent from both teams and Fleetwood have to come at Dons now.

1 min: Unbelievable start for AFC Wimbledon, that will settle everyone right down. Brett Johnson hoofs a clearence up field for KAID MOHAMED to chase, he is second favourite for it but hassles and harries Sean Gregan and nicks the ball off him in the box, holds off Junior Brown's challenge and slots under Hurst. Joy unconfined.

1 min: GOAL GOAL GOAL! What a start.

7.45pm: Everyone ready? Good, shall we watch some football then? Fleetwood have us off and under way.

7.42pm: The stadium is absolutely packed today as the two teams emerge from the tunnel. It's sold out and that includes tickets for Dons legends John Hartson and Carl Leaburn, who are sitting about five metres to my right.

7.39pm: Fleetwood for their part make three changes with Alex-Rae Harvey, Peter Cavanagh and George Donnelly all coming in for Shaun Beeley, Sean Clancy and Jamie Mullan.

Fleetwood Town: Danny Hurst, Anthony Barry, Steven McNulty, Alex-Rae Harvey, Magno Vieira, Junior Brown, Jamie McGuire, Gareth Seddon, Peter Cavanagh, George Donnelly, Sean Gregan. Subs: Sean Clancy, Scott Davies, Jamie Mullan, Keigan Parker, Paul Linwood.

7.31pm: Right then, let's talk team news shall we. The Dons are unchanged from the first leg, which mean Gareth Gwillim has recovered from the nasty challenge he found himself on the end of on Friday. Jon Main, who was warming up with the squad, does not make the bench.

AFC WIMBLEDON: Seb Brown, Sam Hatton, Jamie Stuart, Brett Johnson, Gareth Gwillim, Steven Gregory, Rashid Yussuff, Ricky Wellard, Luke Moore, Kaid Mohamed, Danny Kedwell. Subs: Christian Jolley, Jack Turner, Ismail Yakubu, James Mulley, Lee Minshull.

7.28pm: If you need any convincing just how big a game this is you need look no further than the press box. Usually there would be just over a dozen on the list to come in - there's 67 journalists and press today. Sufficed to say there is not much room to move.

7.25pm: Hello and welcome to Kingsmeadow for what could be the next big step in the remarkable story that is AFC Wimbledon. They go into the second half of their game with Fleetwood already 2-0 up and know that so long as they avoid defeat by two goals or more, they will be just 90 minutes from Football League football.